Pet Microchipping from Your Veterinarian in Hayward, CA

While their owners enjoy outdoor living, pets find pleasant weather a huge temptation.  At Caring Pet Hospital, we hear many stories of dogs hurriedly digging escape trails under backyard fences.  Cats are wizards at pushing out window screens and slipping through doors.  Pet microchipping by our veterinarian in Hayward, CA can make life safer for pets and give their owners peace of mind.

How Do Pet Microchips Work?

Pet microchips resemble one piece of rice in size.  Our Hayward veterinarian implants a chip via an injection under an animal’s skin.  The most typical placement is between its shoulder blades.  Owners can schedule an appointment for this procedure, ask for it during a routine visit to our Hayward animal hospital, or request it while our staff is performing a different procedure.

The radio waves that a handheld scanner emits when it passes over an implanted microchip cause the chip to activate.  Each chip bears a unique number for identification.  Once the chip has been activated, it broadcasts this number, which then appears on the scanner’s screen.

When we find that a lost animal at our Hayward animal hospital has a chip, we contact the manufacturer.  The manufacturer then matches the unique identification number with data in its chip registry and contacts the registered owner.

Owners select the information to go into the manufacturer’s database and are responsible for updating it as necessary.  Therefore, there is no need to worry about privacy problems with microchips.

Benefits of Microchipping

Thieves steal around 2 million U.S. pets each year.  Ninety percent of them never return to their owners.  Microchipping has revolutionized the way to find pets separated from their homes.

If a lost pet reaches a veterinary hospital or an animal shelter, the staff will promptly scan it.  A study that followed more than 7,700 stray shelter animals showed that fewer than 2 percent of cats without microchips returned home.  Nearly 40 percent of those with the technology found their owners.

Pet microchips last around 25 years and require no physical maintenance.  After an owner registers a chip, it is important to make sure that the information in the manufacturer’s registry stays current.  It is also a good idea for the staff at our animal hospital in Hayward, CA to make sure the chip remains detectable by scanning it every year.  Our veterinarian in Hayward, CA notes that after adopting a microchipped pet, all the owner needs to do is contact the manufacturer to register new information.

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