Pet Poison Control Care from Your Hayward Pet Hospital

Here at Caring Pet Hospital, one of the situations that we see is pets who have ingested items that are poisonous to them. Depending on what is ingested, poisonings can be fatal to a pet. As such, it is important to understand what common items may be harmful to your pet, what the symptoms of a poisoning are and what to do if you suspect your pet has eaten something poisonous. Here is information that we want every pet owner should know about pet poison control.

Common Items That May Be Poisonous to Your Pet

There are many common items that you have in your home that can be poisonous to a pet if they are ingested. Some of the food items that you have in your home that can be harmful to your pet include grapes, onions, coffee and milk or dairy products. Some of the normal household items that you have that can be harmful to a pet if ingested include batteries, gum, antifreeze, fabric softener and pesticides. Some of the most poisonous plants for pets include lilies, tulip bulbs, oleander, sago palms, poinsettias and certain types of mushrooms. The medications you store in your home, including cold medications, pain relievers, vitamins and anti-depressants can also be poisonous to your pet.

Signs and Symptoms of Poisoning in Pets

There are many signs and symptoms of a poisoning in a pet and some of these signs and symptoms vary based on what your pet ingested. If your pet is throwing up, acting lethargic, is foaming or drooling at the mouth, acts confused or disoriented or only wants to sleep, they may have eaten something they should not have. Lesser symptoms of poisoning include strange tics or movements, seizures and diarrhea.

What to Do If You Think Your Pet Has Ingested Something Poisonous

If you think your pet has ingested something poisonous, you have a few options. If you know what they ate but are not sure if it is poisonous, you can always call  the Pet Poison Control Hotline at 1-855-213-6680, the ASPCA Poison Control at (888) 426-4435 or give us at Caring Pet Hospital a call. If your pet is displaying any of the symptoms above or you know that they ingested something poisonous, you will want to get them to an emergency vet right away. When it comes to poisons in the body, the sooner you can get them help, the better off they will be.

Have a Pet Emergency? Seek Treatment From Our Hayward Veterinary Team

If you suspect your pet has been ingested something that is poisonous to them, you will want to get them to an animal hospital in Hayward as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more severe the symptoms can become and the more harmful the poison can be for your pet. When you need a vet right away, Caring Pet Hospital is here for you. Call us at (510) 537-1788 to schedule an appointment or to let us know you are on your way with a pet that has possibly ingested something poisonous to them.