Pet Preventative Care at our Hayward Animal Hospital

Pet preventative care at our Hayward animal hospital in Hayward, CA can help keep your pet healthy by finding illnesses and diseases before they start severely impacting your pet’s health. The preventative care services offered by our veterinarian in Hayward include pet wellness exams, vaccines and dental care for all dogs and cats.

Pet Wellness Exams with our Hayward Veterinarian

Our Hayward veterinarian recommends that all dogs and cats receive annual wellness examinations. These exams are similar to your annual physical in that they check your pet’s ears, nose, throat, tail, lungs and abdomen as well as his or her vitals. They are designed to help find diseases and illnesses at the earliest possible stages.

Pet Vaccines with our Hayward Vet

Dogs and cats need annual pet vaccines to make sure they are protected against contagious and sometimes deadly diseases and infections. Our Hayward vet offers core and non-core vaccinations for cats and dogs. Core vaccines for dogs include rabies, parvo and distemper. Core cat vaccines include feline distemper, rabies and herpes. Vaccinations can be scheduled at the same time as your pet’s annual checkup.

Pet Dental Care at our Animal Hospital, Serving the areas of Sorenson, Fairview, Russell City and San Lorenzo

Here at our Hayward animal hospital, Serving the areas of Sorenson, Fairview, Russell City and San Lorenzo, we offer pet dental care. Along with pet wellness exams and vaccinations, regular dental exams and cleanings can help keep your pet healthy. When plaque and tartar build-up on your pet’s teeth, it can lead to tooth decay and oral infections, which can be life-threatening. Having your pet’s mouth examined and teeth cleaned can help prevent dental decay and infections so that your pet remains happy and healthy.

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