Pet Orthopedics FAQs From Our Veterinarian

Answers to Pet Surgery Orthopedic FAQs from Our Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward, CA

Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward, CA offers a range of veterinary treatment services in addition to routine checkups and orthopedic pet surgery.

What is orthopedic pet surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is a treatment used to repair muscle and bone problems that could cause chronic pain. Musculoskeletal surgeries are also used to treat acute conditions caused by your pet experiencing a car accident trauma or tripping while running, jumping or playing. Whenever possible, we perform laser surgery, which can stimulate the nerves and joints as well as the muscles and tendons.

What screening can a veterinarian do before surgery?

Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward offers ultrasound, endoscopy and radiology testing. This will help us examine your animal’s musculoskeletal structure including the joints and ligaments and determine their condition. Blood or urine samples might also take place to rule out digestive and internal organ problems and we will check the heart, lungs and perform reflex checks.

What issues should be addressed during an orthopedic exam?

Before performing orthopedic surgery, we examine your animal’s body by gently pressing on the abdomen, legs, joints and anal area. During this orthopedic exam, we will look for swelling and pain, range of motion limitations, unusual lumps or other abnormalities.

Your Caring Pet Hospital can repair joint dislocations, tendon and ligament tears and muscle sprains with orthopedic surgery. Specifically the laser surgery, we could use it to expedite wound healing or soft tissue damage repair and bone fractures. We also use it to correct hip, knee or limb joint problems.

How do I prepare my pet for post-surgery veterinarian recovery?

If your pet has undergone surgery with anesthesia, we advise you to keep your animal away from children. Monitor your pet’s behavior carefully, and we can recommend physical therapy routines as your pet regains use of muscles, joints, and bones.

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