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During the holiday season, you are likely busy shopping, baking and getting your home ready for guests. But during this time, it is important to continue to care for your pet. Here at Caring Pet Hospital, we offer dog grooming and cat grooming services that can help your pet to get ready for the holidays and look and smell their best. Here are a few of the grooming services that we offer.


After being out in the rain and mud, your dog may smell funky. We offer a dog wash service to help clean your dog’s hair or fur and get them smelling good. When giving a dog bath, we make sure to use products that are safe for your dog’s skin and that will help to moisturize their skin and soften their hair, for a luxurious experience.


Another of the services that we offer is haircuts and trimming services. We offer both cat and dog haircuts. If your pet is shedding everywhere, has matted fur, or has hair that is growing over their eyes, ears or paw pads, cat and dog trimmers can be used to remove the unwanted hair and get your pet looking their best.

Nail Trimming

The last service that we offer is dog nail trimming. When your dog’s nails are long, you may hear them clinking on your tile or hardwood floors. This lets you know that it is time to have them trimmed. Trimming their nails is extremely important. If you fail to have this done, the nails can grow into the paw pads. They can also catch on things, like blankets or your clothes, which can leave snags or be painful for your pet.

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Are you looking for a Hayward pet grooming service to tend to your pet’s grooming needs? Caring Pet Hospital is here to assist you with a variety of grooming services. Call us today at (510) 537-1788 to book a grooming appointment for your pet.

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