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Pets have teeth, too, and these teeth need to be cleaned and cared for on a routine basis by your Hayward veterinarian. If you are looking for pet dental care in Haywood, CA let us assist you. Caring Pet Hospital provides pet dentistry services including teeth cleaning and tooth extractions. Learn more about taking your pet to the dentist.

How Often Should I Take My Pet to the Veterinarian in Hayward for Dental Care?

In general, healthy animals should get pet dental care at least once a year. This includes a teeth cleaning and any necessary treatments, such as dental fillings or tooth extractions. For pets that are more susceptible to dental problems, such as pets with periodontal disease, they will need to see a pet dentistry provider more often.

Will My Pet be put under Anesthesia for a Teeth Cleaning?

Yes, we use a gentle anesthesia process that allows us to put your pets into an easy sleep throughout the teeth cleaning. This allows your pet to be in complete comfort during the procedure. We use a stringent protocol when using anesthesia that ensures the utmost safety of your pet throughout the process. This includes taking a blood test to check your pet for conditions that could occur due to anesthesia.

Generally, because we use anesthesia, if we discover a problem with your pet’s teeth we may require you to schedule a second appointment to provide that treatment. For example, if the pet needs to have multiple teeth extracted, this would require a separate appointment due to the amount of anesthesia used.

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If you are ready to choose Caring Pet Hospital for your pet’s vet needs, we are excited to have you in our pet family. Your pets will benefit from excellent dental care, preventative care, wellness exams, grooming, and pet boarding. Contact Caring Pet Hospital today to schedule an appointment for pet dental care at your Hayward animal hospital.

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