It’s Walk Your Pet Month in Hayward, CA!

January is walk your pet month in Hayward, CA! Walks are one of the best types of exercise for your pets, and at your pet’s animal hospital in Hayward, we encourage all pet owners to ensure that their pets go for regular walks.

Benefits of Walking Your Pet

There are many benefits of taking your pet for regular walks:

  • Fight obesity. Pet obesity is a significant problem in the United States. Over half of dogs and cats in the U.S. are either overweight or obese! Taking your pet for regular walks helps ensure that your pet gets the exercise he or she needs to stay healthy.
  • Fight boredom. Just like people, pets need to stay busy or they can get bored. Taking your pet for a walk every day helps ensure that your pet has enough entertainment to stay content.
  • Strengthen the emotional bond between pet and owner. Walks provide quality time that you and your pet can spend together. Taking your pet for a daily walk will help strengthen your bond with your pet.
  • Keep your pet’s mind sharp. Pets need to spend time outside in order to stay mentally healthy. As your pet ages, taking him or her for a daily walk will help your pet stay sharp, curious and aware.

Cats Can Go For Walks Too!

Most people assume that cats are not capable of going for leashed walks in the way that dogs do, but this is not true. Many cats can be trained to go for a walk outside. Going for walks is mentally and physically stimulating for dogs and cats alike, so if you own a cat, consider training your cat to go for daily walks on a leash.

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