Heartworm Disease

Heartworms Disease Prevention with our Hayward Veterinarian

Pets are subject to infestation by a wide variety of internal and external parasites. Internally, these include heartworms, hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and several other types of worms. Externally, fleas and ticks are the parasites of most concern.

Heartworm Disease

Unlike most internal parasites, heartworms don’t live in the intestinal tract. Instead, they reside in the heart, major arteries, pulmonary blood vessels, and the lungs. They cause damage through their mere presence in these critical locations, and if left unchecked, their numbers – and the size of the individuals – can grow to the point that the heart and blood vessels are clogged with them.

Other Internal Parasites

Most worms live in the intestines, but they do not directly use the food passing by them. Instead, they suck blood from the intestinal walls. This causes direct blood loss, and the wounds they create result in internal bleeding as well. In turn, this results in general debilitation, lethargy, and in severe cases, anemia.

Fleas and Ticks

These are external parasites, but they can spread internal ones as well as germs like Lyme disease and even the plague. With fleas, one of the biggest dangers is that they’ll spread tapeworms to pets that ingest them. They can also spread germs through their bites.

Tick bites are known to spread Lyme disease and other diseases, and they will bite humans as readily as they do pets. Therefore, tick control is also important.

Parasite Prevention

Many of today’s veterinary parasite preventives are active against more than one organism. This allows you to give your dog or cat just one or two medicines to protect against all of these parasites. Which medications are needed depends on which area you are in or intend to travel into, whether your companion is a dog or a cat, and if it’s a dog, which breed it is.

Get In Touch With Our Local Veterinarian for Parasite Prevention Today

A prescription is needed for long-lasting preventive heartworm treatment, tick prevention chews, and other extended-effect anti-parasite medications. To get the needed prescription for your pet(s), just make an appointment with us here at Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward, CA.

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