Cat Shots at a Russell City Veterinarian

When was the last time your cat got their vaccines? If it’s been more than a year, your feline is long overdue for their shots. By bringing them into a veterinarian in the Russell City area, you’ll leave knowing your cat is healthy and safe against a slew of diseases and illnesses.

What Shots Does My Cat Need?

The mandatory or heavily recommended shots are known as core vaccines. These safeguard against rabies, feline calicivirus, feline viral rhinotracheitis, and distemper, also known as feline panleukopenia.

Then there are the non-core vaccines, which are optional, depending on your cat activities. An outdoor cat, for instance, would be more likely benefit from these vaccines than a pet that stays exclusively indoors.

Non-core vaccines include those for feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV, giardia, Bordetella, feline infectious peritonitis, chlamydophila, and feline leukemia.

How Soon Can My Cat Get Shots?

The earliest that your cat can get their first vaccine is at least six weeks, sometimes seven weeks. From there, your cat will need vaccines once they turn 10 weeks, 12 weeks, 13 weeks, 16 weeks, and 19 weeks.

After that, your vet will decide if your adult cat needs booster shots once a year or on a three-year basis.

Risks and Side Effects

There are almost no risks to cat vaccines. Going without vaccines though could be risky for a cat’s health. Side effects don’t happen often, but include symptoms like hives, redness and swelling of the skin, diarrhea, vomiting, no appetite, lack of energy, and fever. You shouldn’t wait to call your vet if you notice these symptoms in your cat.

Contacting Caring Pet Hospital, Your Veterinarian in Russell City

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