4th of July Tips for Pet Owners

4th of July with Pets: Your Survival Guide

The 4th of July is fun and exciting for humans, but it is a celebration fraught with danger for your pets. For them, the fireworks can be just one of many sources of trouble. Crowds of people, hot grills, and other common party conditions are also dangerous to them. Here are a few things you should be aware of.

It’s Easy to Trip Over a Cat or Small Dog

On normal days, this problem may merely startle you and your pet when you’re trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. During a party, however, it can result in many unintentional kicks, or worse, your pet being outright stepped on and injured seriously enough to need a veterinarian. Be sure small pets are kept out of the way of revelers.

Beware Hot Grills

This problem is more likely to affect larger dogs and cats, because they’re the ones that can reach the hot part of the grill. A curious sniff from a large dog will result in a burned nose, and the burn can be severe. The danger is even worse for cats because the way they would reach the hot grill grate is by jumping on it, and they won’t know it’s hot until they’ve already done that! All four paws could be seriously burned.

To lower the risk of this happening, always have someone standing at the grill and guarding it. Remember that the smell of the cooking food is an incredible draw, so your pets will often be actively trying to reach that spot.

Be Careful of What Your Pets Eat

Human food can be dangerous to pets, especially if it is fatty or rich. Bacon, desserts, and cheese can cause pancreatitis when given in overly-large amounts. At a party, everyone giving your pet “just a little taste” means that the pet ends up with a total amount that can easily be dangerous.

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