Senior Pet Care Tips from Your Hayward Veterinarian

Years pass so quickly that it is often a shock to notice that pets have become senior citizens.  Our Hayward veterinarian, Dr. Sarup Mangat, notes that more than 18 million dogs and 22 million cats qualify as senior pets.  At Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward, we understand that keeping these animals as healthy as possible requires dedicated serves from our staff plus senior pet care at home.  Caring is the foundation of our Hayward animal hospital.

What Makes a Pet a Senior in Hayward?

The answer varies from one veterinary practice to another.  However, most doctors suggest that reaching 7 years old is a marker for cats or small dogs.  While many owners assume that they can actually calculate a pet’s age in equivalent human terms, there is no exact calculation.

For a 15-year-old dog, the comparable human age ranges from 76 for a small animal to 115 for a very large one.  A cat that is 20 years old is roughly 97 in human years.

The most frequent conditions we see in senior pets treated at our animal hospital in Hayward, CA include:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney or urinary track disease
  • Senility
  • Bone or joint conditions such as arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Overall weakness
  • Liver disease

An important part of senior pet care is noting behavioral changes linked to aging.  Our Hayward veterinarian suggests that getting older can make a pet increasingly anxious, aggressive, or less engaged in daily life.

6 Tips for Senior Pet Wellness

Our veterinarian in Hayward, CA offers these six senior pet wellness tips:

Start with a veterinary exam.  Visiting our animal hospital in Hayward, CA for regular exams lets veterinarians note small signs of aging.  We can provide advice for maintaining the quiet environment senior animals need and deciding whether to add an additional pet to a home.

Make nutrition a priority.  Our Hayward animal hospital staff can create a customized diet for each pet and recommend supplements for joint problems.

Evaluate exercise.  Senior pets need physical activity to remain at an acceptable weight.  However, too much exertion is a problem.

Focus on dental hygiene.  It includes professional exams, cleanings, and home care advice.

Keep safety foremost.  Senior animals should remain in a safe area whenever they are alone, particularly if they have hearing or vision loss.  Our staff can also recommend mobility aids.

Stimulate mind and body.  Seniors need plenty of playtime, toys, and physical contact such as increased brushing.

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Our goal at Caring Pet Hospital is outstanding care for your pet during its entire lifetime, including complete senior pet wellness services.  Whether a pet shows signs of arthritis pain or behavioral changes, we are here to help, from medical and dental services to grooming, boarding, surgery, and emergency care.  Call us today at (510) 537-1788 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Hayward, CA and to take advantage of a free consultation for new patients.