Keeping your pet healthy is just as important to our Hayward veterinarian as it is to you. To protect your pet’s health, be sure to bring your furry friend in to see us on a regular basis. Pet wellness exams are critical to maintaining your animal’s healthy, preventing disease, and treating injuries as soon as they occur. At Caring Pet Hospital, our team is always available for emergencies, but we’re also here for your pet’s annual checkups.

What to Expect for Your Pet’s Pet Wellness Exam in Hayward

Schedule your pet wellness exam in Hayward with our team today. When you come in to see our vet, you’ll get exceptional attention and individualized care. Pets should come in at least one time a year for exams. Here’s what you can expect when we provide a comprehensive exam for your animal.

Coat, Skin, and Eyes: We’ll provide a full exam of your pet’s skin, eyes, and coat. This can tell us a good deal of the pet’s overall health. Our veterinarian in Hayward will work with you to identify potential concerns such as skin rashes, potential allergic reactions, and eye abnormalities. We’re looking for anything that does not seem right while also looking at the way your pet responds to us. A detailed eye exam can help pinpoint areas of necessary care such as in the treatment of cataracts to improve blurry vision.

Weight Check: When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam, we’ll weigh him or her. If your pet is not the right weight, either too thin or overweight, we’ll offer a customized solution and meal plan to help your pet obtain a healthier weight. Nutritional counseling, exercise, and the right foods can improve your pet’s quality of life significantly.

Ear Health: Our exam will look at the ear drums, ear flaps, and deeper ear. We’re looking for redness, abnormal masses or smells, and swelling.

Heart and Lungs: We’ll also listen to your pet’s heart and lungs to ensure they are operating properly. By doing this now, we can potentially help to address concerns sooner, keeping your pet healthy longer.

Full Body Check: This part of the exam involves our vet feeling and manipulating the pet’s abdomen, legs, joints, and anal sacs. We’re looking for swelling, range of motion concerns, lumps, or anything else that doesn’t seem to be proper.

Mouth and Nose: This is another area of full inspection especially your pet’s teeth. It’s very important to keep your pet’s teeth as healthy as possible and deep cleanings are often necessary. We are also looking for swelling, masses, smells or other signs of infection or disease.

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam with Our Hayward Animal Hospital Today

At our Hayward animal hospital, we’re ready to help you with any need your pet may have. Wellness exams are the perfect time to ask us questions and to get information about how to improve your pet’s quality of life. Be sure to schedule your pet’s wellness exam with our Hayward vet today, call (510) 537-1788.