Spay and Neuter at Your Hayward Veterinarian

Millions of healthy animals, including puppies and kittens, are euthanized each year due to overpopulation. Sterilization through spaying and neutering is the best way to reduce this widespread problem, and it one of the most responsible choices you can make as a pet parent. Spay and neuter at your Hayward veterinarian, Caring Pet Hospital, is a safe surgical procedure that has health and behavioral benefits for cats and dogs.

Spay and Neuter Surgery at Our Hayward Animal Hospital

Before performing any spay or neuter surgery at our Hayward animal hospital, we examine the pet to ensure he or she is healthy enough for surgery. In some animals, we may also run blood work before proceeding. We recommend spay and neuter surgery before pets reach sexual maturity (before the first heat). Based on the exam and your pet’s breed, size, age and lifestyle, we will discuss the minimal risks associated with this most common pet surgery and advise a surgery date. In most cases, we are able to spay and neuter cats and dogs as young as 8 weeks, as long as they weigh at least 2 pounds.

To spay a female cat or dog, we surgically remove the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. We neuter male dogs and cats by removing their testes. All animals are closely monitored while under anesthesia and while recovering in our Hayward animal hospital. Before sending your pet home, we will thoroughly explain all after-care with you, including how to give any pain medication, how to monitor the incision site, and how to create a quiet environment that encourages your pet to rest for the next couple of days. Many young cats and dogs recover so quickly that they want to run and play the same day.

Benefits of Spay and Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet is not only a way to prevent litters, it is also a simple way to curtail unwanted breeding behavior and prevent serious health problems in cats and dogs.

Health Benefits

  • Spaying your cat or dog before her first heat lessens her risk of potentially life-threatening mammary cancer and pyometra, a uterine infection.
  • Neutering your cat or dog before his first heat reduces the chance he will have certain cancers, such as testicular and benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate gland).
  • Cats and dogs who are spayed or neutered often live longer lives and have fewer instances of urinary incontinence later in life.

Behavior Benefits

  • In many (but not all) pets, spaying and neutering reduces their urge to roam the neighborhood and spray to mark territory.
  • Sterilization eliminates heat cycles, so you and your pet do not have to endure the crying and clawing at doors and windows, as well as the strange animals responding by appearing on your property.

Meet With Our Veterinarian for Your Pets Spay or Neuter Surgery

Spay or neuter surgery is a safe and responsible way to give your pet a healthy, happy and long life. Call us today at (510) 537-1788 to schedule an appointment with our Hayward veterinarian.