The last thing any pet owner wants is to find out her pet needs surgery, but it’s likely to happen during your dog’s or cat’s lifetime. It helps to know that Dr. Sarup Mangat, our Hayward veterinarian, is experienced in dealing with many types of pet surgeries. Our entire team is dedicated to giving your furry family members the best care possible. If your future includes surgery for your pet, you can’t be in better hands than with our veterinary staff.

Our Hayward Veterinarian Talks about Pet Surgeries

Of all the surgeries needed for pets, spay and neuter services are the most common. In fact, we recommend that every pet be spayed or neutered during its first year. If your pet joins your family later in life, it’s still possible to do the procedure on it, but pets recover more easily when they’re younger. Sterilization not only prevents unwanted animals, keeping the shelters freer, they also have many health benefits for dogs and cats.

Many pets will require dental surgery during their lifetime. We’ll give your pet a deep dental cleaning each year during its wellness exam. During this procedure we may notice other problems that require treatment such as oral cancer, infections or dental damage.

Oral cancer isn’t the only type of tumor we often deal with in our offices. Our veterinary services also include removing tumors, growths and cancers all over cats’ and dogs’ bodies. One of the most common cancers in animals, as well as humans, is skin cancer. We can remove tumors and do biopsies right in our office.

Both indoor and outdoor pets get injured, sometimes badly enough to require surgery. Auto accidents, fights with other animals, run-ins with wild animals and even falls can mean a trip to our office for emergency surgery. Our Hayward vet can set bones and stitch up lacerations, and even repair torn ACLs in your pet’s joints to prevent lameness.

Internal surgery can be the most serious for a pet, and it can happen for a number of reasons. Cancer can cause tumors, bladder stones can cause blockages and curious pets can swallow dangerous objects. All can require major emergency surgery. We have state-of-the-art equipment in our modern offices, and are ready to deal with any serious health problem your pet may encounter.

Avoiding Pet Surgery

While all pets should be sterilized and accidents can’t always be prevented, there is one thing that every pet owner should do to cut down on the number of surgical procedures their pet undergoes: taking care of their pet’s dental health. Oral surgery is among the most common done on pets, and is the most preventable. If you’re not sure how to clean your pet’s teeth, sit down with our Hayward veterinarian and he’ll teach you the best ways to do it.

Learn More about Pet Surgery by our Veterinarian in Hayward

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