Caring Pet Hospital Offers Pet Orthopedic Care in Hayward, CA

Orthopedics is an area of veterinary practice that treats conditions of the bones and spine. Some issues develop when animals grow older. However, young animals can also experience orthopedic problems and injuries. At Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward CA, we provide treatment for a variety of pet orthopedic issues.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Injuries or disease can affect an animal’s joints or spine. The source of the problem may affect the bones of the joints or the cartilage that helps to cushion the bones for normal movement. In other cases, the tendons or ligaments may be affected, making movement difficult. These problems can be treated with surgery to remove damaged portions and to restore function.

Diagnosing Orthopedic Problems

Your Hayward vet will ask about your pet’s medical history and do blood tests to determine the current condition of the animal. X-rays and ultrasound testing can provide detailed information about bone, joint and spinal problems. Once the vet has determined the source of the problem, appropriate treatment can be provided.

Common Orthopedic Conditions

Some of these problems are a result of injuries sustained in accidents, but other cases are caused by genetic factors. Luxating patellas are a common problem in small breeds of dog, when their kneecaps drift out of alignment, causing lameness and discomfort. Hip dysplasia is common in larger breeds, and result in abnormalities and dysfunction in the hip joint. Disc problems can also occur in dogs. Disorders of the shoulder and elbow can also occur. Osteoarthritis is a type of progressive deterioration of the joints that occurs with aging.

Treatments for Orthopedic Problems

A number of oral medications and injectables have been developed for veterinary orthopedic problems that can help with pain and improve mobility. When necessary, surgery can be done to repair, stabilize or replace damaged bone.

Post-Surgery Care

Your veterinarian will provide instructions for home care after surgery that you should follow carefully to ensure proper healing. You will be required to administer medication, provide wound care and keep your pet quiet for a period of time after surgery. The vet will schedule a follow-up office visit to monitor healing and will advise you on physical therapy that might be needed to maximize mobility after a procedure.

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