Pet Grooming At Your Pet’s Hayward Veterinarian

Pet grooming helps keep pets clean and healthy in Hayward. As your pet’s veterinarian in Hayward, we offer a variety of grooming services to pets of our community. Whether your pet needs regular professional grooming or a once a year haircut and styling, we can provide services to help ensure that your pet is well trimmed, clean and looking his or her best.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

There are many reasons to get your pet professionally groomed in Hayward CA! Below are some of the best reasons to bring your pet to the veterinarian for grooming at least once annually:

  • Professional grooming helps keep your house free of pet hair.
  • Your pet’s professional groomer can help you identify when your pet has ticks and fleas.
  • Professional groomers use medicated shampoos to help pets get rid of their external parasites.
  • Some older pets may be unable to groom themselves if they suffer from stiff joints.
  • Taking your pet in for a haircut in late spring can help ensure that your pet is comfortable throughout the warm weather in summer.
  • Your pet will look his or her best for company and trips out around town.

Offering a Variety of Grooming Services in Hayward

As your pet’s veterinarian, we offer a variety of grooming services in Hayward CA. Below are some of the most popular services we provide:

  • Hair cuts and styling. Pets with long hair often need haircuts throughout the year to prevent them from getting mats, knots and tangles.
  • Nail trimming. Nail trimming helps control the length of your pet’s nails and can prevent your pet from scratching your floors or even scratching you.
  • Bathing. All pets need to be bathed from time to time. At Caring Pet Hospital, we have a variety of shampoos on hand for pets with different needs.
  • Mat removal. Mat removal is important because mats can catch on furniture and objects in the environment, which can lead to your pet’s hair being pulled in painful ways.
  • Anal gland expression. Anal gland expression is the practice of releasing the fluid from the anal glands. This can help improve your pet’s health and can also help prevent problems in the house.

How Often to Groom Your Pet

Pets need to be groomed on a regular basis to ensure that they have a healthy coat. Your pet should be professionally groomed when his or her hair becomes matted, dirty or too long. Some pets need to have their coats groomed more often than others. Your pet’s Hayward veterinarian can recommend a pet grooming schedule for your pet.

Contact Your Pet’s Animal Hospital in Hayward for Grooming Services Today

As your pet’s Hayward animal hospital, we can help pets get the grooming services they need to look their best and stay healthy. To make an appointment for professional grooming, contact Caring Pet Hospital today at (510) 537-1788.