Pet Boarding with Our Hayward Veterinarian

At Caring Pet Hospital, we know your pets are a key part of your family. Sometimes, you cannot take them with you on trips. That’s why our Hayward veterinarian offers pet boarding services. You already trust our team with your pet’s care. Now, trust us to take care of your animal when you cannot be there to do so yourself. We make pet boarding as easy as possible for you.

What You Can Expect from Our Veterinarian in Hayward for Pet Boarding

Boarding your pet with your veterinarian in Hayward can give you the peace of mind you need. Our team is well trained and dedicated to providing your pet with a welcome and comfortable place to spend time when they cannot be with you. You can expect your pet to have access to a safe place to sleep, ongoing food at mealtimes, and exercise throughout the day.

Keep in mind that your pet may need vaccinations and be updated on all wellness exams before we can safely board them. Pet boarding at Caring Pet Hospital is safe because we are dedicated to ensuring pets are healthy when staying with us.

Why Choose an Animal Hospital in Hayward for Pet Boarding?

There are many benefits to trusting our animal hospital in Hayward with your pet boarding needs.

  • We offer comprehensive care. You can trust our team to be there for your pet’s needs because of our experience and dedication to animals.
  • By choosing our Hayward animal hospital, there’s a vet available to meet your pet’s health concerns should something happen when you are not accessible. We only provide care that you authorize.
  • We offer dog boarding and cat boarding services. Don’t worry! Your pet is safely boarded away from other animals.

With experience and a history with your pet, you can remain confident that our team is here to meet your pet’s ongoing needs while you are not in town. We can offer wellness care, diagnostic care, dental care, internal medicine, pain management, and even surgery as your pet needs, should they need it. This includes providing your pet with emergency care as soon as there is a problem. We don’t anticipate any concerns, but we are here if there is one.

Do You Need Holiday Pet Boarding?

It can be difficult to find the right place for your pet while you travel. Our holiday pet boarding service is available on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend contacting our Hayward veterinarian as soon as possible for dog boarding or cat boarding during the holidays.

Contact Our Trusted Hayward Animal Hospital Today!

Call our offices today to schedule your pet boarding needs. Because we are your trusted Hayward animal hospital, you can feel confident leaving your pet with us. Limited space may be available. We serve the areas of Hayward, Sorenson, Russell City, Fairview, San Lorenzo, and the surrounding communities. Call us as soon as possible to schedule your pet’s visit: (510) 537-1788

Dog Boarding in Hayward

At Caring Pet Hospital, we offer dog boarding services for all our patients. We know you want the best for your dog while you’re away, and our veterinary team is committed to keeping your pet calm, happy, and healthy during their stay.

Our Hayward Dog Boarding Services

When you bring your dog to Caring Pet Hospital, you can count on round-the-clock attention and care from our veterinary team, as well as emergency care if necessary. Our boarding services are available to any dog who meets our requirements, and we can even perform your dog’s next wellness exam while he or she is in our care. We recommend making reservations ahead of time to ensure your pet has a secure space while your away. We currently welcome guests from throughout Hayward and the surrounding area, including Sorenson, San Lorenzo, Fairview, Russell City, and more.

Benefits of Dog Boarding with our Veterinary Team  

If you’re still exploring boarding options for your dog, we encourage you to choose our Hayward animal hospital. Dog boarding at our animal hospital guarantees that your beloved family member will be supervised and that all their medical needs will be met during their stay. Here are some of the best reasons to choose dog boarding with our Hayward veterinary team:

  • Supervision from a Trained Team – Our Hayward animal hospital is staffed with a caring, attentive, experienced team who know how to administer medications, follow special diets, and monitor their health
  • Exercise & Affection – Our team knows how important it is for dogs to get daily exercise and feel safe, comfortable, and loved. We will play with your dog throughout their stay, take them outside for exercise, and provide plenty of affection
  • Wellness Care During Your Dog’s Stay – Wellness exams, dental care, and even diagnostic care like X-rays are all available (with your authorization) while your dog is staying with us
  • Emergency Dog Care If Needed – If your pet requires any treatment – from pain management to emergency surgery – our veterinarians can provide it right away on site
  • Holiday Hours – We stay open throughout major holidays. Instead of searching for a dog boarding center that’s actually open during your festivities, call us ahead of time and reserve a spot for holiday dog boarding services

Requirements for Dog Boarding at Caring Pet Hospital

We make sure our dog boarding facilities are as safe as possible for every guest. Before you board your dog at our pet hospital, we will make sure they meet all our requirements for safe dog boarding, including up-to-date dog vaccinations, weight, and a recent pet wellness exam.

Board Your Dog at Our Hayward Animal Hospital

Are you interested in dog boarding at Caring Pet Hospital? Call (510) 537-1788 to learn more about our availability. We look forward to taking care of your pup.