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Spay and Neuter Surgery for Pets at Our Animal Hospital in Hayward

pets about to receive spay and neuter surgery in hayward, ca with caring pet hospital

No matter how great your love for animals may be, dealing with litter after litter of unexpected kittens or puppies isn't an easy situation for most pet owners. That's one reason spay and neuter surgery for pets has become standard operating procedure -- but it's hardly the only reason. This form of pet surgery can provide your pet with some critical health and wellness advantages. That's why our animal hospital in Hayward urges owners to schedule spay and neuter surgery for their special friends.

When Routine Pet Surgery Offers Essential Preventative Pet Care

While some owners might instinctively back at any kind of pet surgery that isn't a matter of immediate life or death, the fact is that spay and neuter surgery is good for animals -- in all sorts of ways. One of the most important positive benefits of spaying (removal of the female reproductive organs) or neutering (removal of the testes) is the dramatic reduction in cancer risk. Reproductive cancers can be both aggressive and deadly, so by removing the organs where those cancers originate, your pet can enjoy a longer and healthier life. This benefit alone would be reason enough to consider spay and neuter surgery a preventative pet care essential.

Spaying or neutering also affects your pet's behavior in healthy ways. Pets who aren't troubled by the sexual frustration of heat cycles won't be driven by the impulse to go roaming in search of mates -- an impulse that can drive them directly into harm's way. The absence of rampant sex hormones also removes the worry about heat-related aggression and other behaviors that can lead to fights and injuries.

Last but not least, controlling the local pet population ensures that fewer pets will end up in animal shelters, where many of them may have to be destroyed. By scheduling spay and neuter surgery, you're not just helping your pet; you're helping the entire animal community.

What to Expect from Spay and Neuter Pet Surgery at Our Hayward Animal Hospital

Your pets are in good hands when they undergo spay and neuter surgery at our Hayward animal hospital. Your Hayward veterinarian can administer either procedure in animals as young as 8 weeks. (We recommend having it done before your pet reaches sexual maturity if possible.) These procedures are neither lengthy nor complicated, and your pet should be able to go home with you the same day. We will provide you with instructions on how to administer any post-operative medications, check the wound for any trouble signs and help your pet recover quickly and completely.

Schedule This Important Pet Surgery With Your Veterinarian in Hayward Today

If you want your beloved pet to enjoy the considerable benefits offered by spay and neuter surgery, don't put off this form of preventative pet care. Contact Caring Pet Hospital today by calling us at 510-537-1788  to schedule sexual sterilization with your veterinarian in Hayward!

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