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Our Hayward Animal Hospital Offers Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming Services

Pets seem to find ways to get dirty or unkempt even when they don't go outside. Problems such as clumps of matted hair, overgrown toenails and anal gland blockages can occur from time to time, making pet grooming in Hayward an important aspect of your pet's overall health, wellness and comfort. Our Hayward animal hospital can take this burden off of you by ensuring that your pet receives high-quality grooming under the supervision of our Hayward veterinarian, Dr. Sarup Mangat.

If your pet could use a genuinely healthy makeover, call 510-537-1788 and schedule professional grooming services with our veterinarian in Hayward, CA.

Grooming doesn't just make your pet feel, look and smell better; it also provides some important health benefits, which is why our Hayward veterinarian includes on our "menu" of services.

Our dog grooming and cat grooming services include:

  • Mat Removal - When a thick coat of hair tangles up into dense mats, brushing or bathing can cause your beloved animal pain and injury. We are experts at the art of gently, safely de-tangling these clumps of hair, including the use of undercoat brushes for cats or dogs with double coats. In the worst-case scenario, we can clip the mats off completely.
  • Bathing - Once your pet's hair is completely free of mats, it's time for a soothing, cleansing bath. We have access to special hypoallergenic shampoos for animals who are sensitive to standard products. Our veterinarian may also recommend the use of medicated shampoos to treat pest infestations or other skin problems.
  • Haircuts - Our Hayward pet grooming services include the option of stylish, professional-grade trims and haircuts. While these cuts may not be medically necessary, they can help double-coated pets get more air to their skin in hot weather. Some purebred animals traditionally receive certain types of haircuts, which we are happy to provide.
  • Nail Trimming - Nail trimming is an essential part of good Hayward pet grooming practices. Domestic animals' toenails tend to grow and grow without being worn down by the great outdoors. These overgrown nails cn get snagged in flooring or fabrics, tearing painfully away from the nail bed and promoting infection. We can keep your pet's nail length under control.
  • Anal Gland Expression - Anal glands, which are used by animals to leave scent markings, can be prone to blockages that cause pain itching, swelling and infection. Our veterinarian in Hayward can express blocked anal glands as part of a standard dog grooming or cat grooming session.

Also Serving the Areas of Sorenson, Russell City, Fairview and San Lorenzo CA

In addition to providing pet grooming in Hayward, Caring Pet Hospital is proud to be serving the areas of Sorenson, Russell City, Fairview and San Lorenzo CA as well. If your pet lives anywhere in these areas and could use a genuinely healthy makeover, call 510-537-1788 and schedule professional grooming services with our veterinarian in Hayward. We want to be your regular resource for veterinary dog grooming and cat grooming services! New patients are offered free first time consultations!

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