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Pet Dental Care From Our Hayward Veterinarian

At Caring Pet Hospital, our compassionate Hayward veterinarian provides pet dental care and a variety of other veterinary services to protect and preserve your pet's health and wellness. Proudly serving the areas of Hayward, Russell City, Sorenson, Fairview, and San Lorenzo CA, we're your one-stop shop for all your pet's health care needs. From routine wellness care to internal medicine and even dental care, we have every aspect of your pet's health covered through every stage of life!

dog holding a toothbrush in his mouth in hayward

The Importance of Pet Dentistry

One of the more common services we provide here in our office is that of pet dentistry. Not all pet owners realize it, but your pet's oral and dental health is an important influencing factor on its overall physical health. By taking care of your pet's teeth both at home and in our vet's office,  you can potentially add years to your pet's life! In fact, there is a strong link between a pet's dental health and its cardiovascular health; pets with oral health problems (such as gum disease) are more likely to have heart and other health problems down the road.

Dental Care Offered by Our Hayward Animal Hospital

Fortunately, our Hayward Animal Hospital offers a variety of dental care services to suit your pet's needs. From routine dental exams (including X-rays and cleanings) to the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease or oral cancer, we can handle it all. Furthermore, to ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible, we carefully provide anesthesia for dental care services, including cleanings. This allows us to do the most thorough job while making sure your pet doesn't become overly stressed or anxious, which can otherwise be dangerous to its health. We also offer tooth extractions for pets who are suffering from excessive tooth decay.

At-Home Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet's Teeth

In addition to bringing your pet in for regular exams and cleanings, we also recommend taking measures to protect your pet's oral health at home. If possible, take the time to brush your pet's teeth regularly. Of course, some pets aren't tolerant of having their teeth brushed. This is where it can be helpful to invest in toys and that are designed to clean the teeth, which are available for both dogs and cats. There are also flavor-less additives that you can put in your pet's water and that will help to keep the teeth clean and freshen breath in between cleanings at our vet's office.

And of course, always be on the lookout for sudden changes in your pet's dental health. For example, a sudden change in breath or even tenderness/redness of the gums should be reported to our Hayward vet right away.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning at Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward

If your pet hasn't had a teeth cleaning done in a while, we recommend scheduling an appointment at Caring Pet Hospital. You can request your appointment by contacting our office at 510-537-1788. Our veterinarian in Hayward is currently providing a free consultation to all our new patients!

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